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Architects of ideas.

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Brande Aristotle

Architects of Ideas.

We work with individuals and organisations to deliver their visions and messages effectively to the people who matter to them – customers, investors, tourists and voters.

We are passionate about what we do. Our compact structure and multi-disciplinary talents give us the flexibility to work with a diverse clientele base that includes corporate organisations, government and non-governmental organisations, political figures, institutions, and businesses.

To be a first class Global, Marketing, Communications and Creative Agency dominating the traditional and new media platforms.

To  build a culture of knowing more, doing more and winning more for the agency and our clients, under a work and play environment.

We recognize that play and laughter make work easier. This helps distill from our deeper recesses, creative ideas that fuel what we do. For this reason, we are a black and white company; we work, and we play.

Our philosophy is not just keyed on our house colors, it is in our office design, and also ingrained in our attitude. Don\'t be surprised when we take play as seriously as we take your job. Don't worry.. It would serve you better.

We believe a client knows her products or services much more than we do. For this reason, we listen more than we speak. We depend on thorough research to match client's beliefs with market reality. Only then do we speak.

Aristotle may have died hundreds of years ago, but his ideas still work in almost every profession; especially in Marketing Communications.

We love zebras, we love chess games, we love medieval cathedrals and dominoes. We love ink pots with quills and we love chequered floors.

We love black pens on white pads.. Afterall, we are a black and white company.




Brand Development and Management

We possess the skill of controlling, growing and making business decisions about a brand that will make it stand out from other businesses.


Digital Advertising

With the best technology that spans from the internet, mobile phones and billboards, we deliver promotional adverts to our target audience.


Mobile-Friendly Website Design

With the help of our creative team, we design highly attractive websites that can always be accessible using a computer or mobile device.


Public Relations

Our organization specializes in the practice of communicating and maintaining the good image of a company or public figure with the public.


Political Marketing

We engage in promoting political candidates, campaigns, platforms, or issues through impeccable communication with the target audience.


Destination Marketing

We promote cities, towns, regions or countries in order to increase the number of visitors and most importantly, boost tourism.


Product Advertising Campaigns

We carry out all round marketing communications about the promotion of a product in an attempt to make potential customers purchase the product using any media.



about img

We see ourselves as architects of ideas. Our main objective is to create distinctive messages that communicate our client's personalities, products or services to their consumers and audiences. These are done in ways that are easy to understand, hard to forget, yet increasing response.

Our approach is based on a quadrant of learning, thinking, doing and learning.

When we get a brief, we go out into the field to hunt for every piece of needed information to help us craft a realistic strategy. A thorough research provides us with insights into our client’s needs and objectives. That way, we learn.

We analyse the research result. We deliberate to distill great concepts out of them; concepts that resonate with the target audience. This ensures that our clients achieve their goals in safe time and expense.

We combine our creativity with relevant skills and current technology to refine and project the qualities of our client's products, services and identity. We do this with unusual ideas, creating impact that lasts in minds of targeted respondents.

We learn from our mistakes. We also learn from our success. These nuggets of wisdom make subsequent projects and tasks easier, richer and better.




Ujubuonu, Odili Tony

Chief Creative Officer


Okon, Tony

Group Art Director


Ogbute, Ebere

Manager, Strategy & Planning


Utin, Isang-ima

Brand Manager


Nnakwuzie, Emeka

Assistant Manager Art


Ozigbo, Jennifer

Senior Copywriter


Iteghete, Chioma

Senior Copywriter



Anambra State Government
Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Chikki Instant Noodles
Mama Lemon Dishwashing Liquid
St. Rita Tomato Paste
Andritz Pumps
C.K.C Old Boys Association
Anambra Broadcasting Services
Digital Base Limited
Indorama Fertilizer



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Surulere, Lagos.
House 3, Road 16,
Udoka Housing Estate,
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